Graeme Wood’s Article in the Atlantic and responses

So Graeme Wood wrote a provoking article for The Atlantic titled “What ISIS Really Wants“. In it, he argues that rather than ISIS being a fringe groups of psychopaths, its ideology is based on Islamic ideology. Although he mentions that (albeit briefly) their doctrine is not mainstream Islam, nor does it followers represent the overwhelming majority of Muslims, ISIS is still Islamic. This has generated plenty of discussion and responses. Here are the ones worth reading.

Jack Jenkins at Think Progress

Tony Ortega at Raw Story

Ross Douthat at New York Times

Haroon Moghul at Salon

Fareed Zakaria at the Washington Post

Matt Fisher at Vox

J.M. Berger at Brookings

Shadi Hamid (whose tweets were helpfully compiled)

Murtaza Hussain at the Intercept

Mohamed Ghilan at MIddle East Eye

Ishaan Tharoor at the Washington Post

Jack Jenkins at Think Progress (2)

All these are useful readings. Rather than waste more internet space with my own words, its easier to let these articles to the talking. My own views tend to be a lot closer to Berger’s and Hamid’s responses.


So Graeme wrote a very short followup to his article. It contains some of the responses I posted here, as well as some interesting reactions from an Islamist and some ISIS and AQ supporters. Definitely worth checking out.


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