Weekly Linkages

How Ibn Khaldun explains the success of many militant groups today.

To understand ISIS, you have to understand the history of Wahhabism (or Salafi) in Saudi Arabia.

Here’s an effective way to respond to the atrocities of ISIS, with humor.

The great blog Political Violence @ a glance has some fantastic posts giving some background on ISIS, its strategy in broadcasting its atrocities, and the need to think of a political strategy when fighting the organization.

Hindu nationalists and their love for the ‘love jihad’. I had briefly discussed the subject here. Another article discusses the parallel narratives of Modi’s government, one of good governance, one of Hindu nationalism.

Husain Haqqani examines the protests in Pakistan.

Jonah Blank looks at how Kashmir will be affected by the U.S. draw down in Afghanistan.

A good National Interest article giving some background on the burgeoning Indo-U.S. defense relationship

Paul Pillar talks about the temptation by hawks to lump everything Islamist together.

Finally at Vice News, John Horgan discusses the difficulty in explaining why people join terrorist organizations, and Natasha Lennard argues that deradicalization programs are the wrong response to ISIS.


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