Weekly Linkages

Based on the current surveys being conducted in Syria, guest authors at politicalviolence@aglance consider the implications should the Assad government take back Aleppo.

Why the U.S. and its allies are responsible for the rise of ISIS (and no, its not the conspiracy)

Alex Horton reveals his online conversation he had with an ISIS supporter.

Daniel Byman analyzes Israel’s strategy towards Hamas.

Here is an important article on Oman, an under discussed power in Middle Eastern politics.

At Sada, Sahar Aziz looks at the role the Egyptian judiciary plays in the politics of the country.

Why did Egypt and the UAE intervene in Libya?

Are the Indian NGO laws part of a global trend?

A short piece on Modi’s new initiative to give a bank account to the poor.

Shlomo Brom and Shimon Stein suggest that the UNSC resolutions that the peace negotiations were based on are holding back the peace process.

In Foreign Policy, several authors talk about the consequences of the U.S. withdrawal from the Middle East.

Daniel Markey and Shuja Nawaz examine the protests in Pakistan.

Ira Trivedi discusses sexual violence in India and why it is rising.

Finally, in Economic and Political Weekly, Nani Mahanta discusses the implications of the BJP success in Assam.





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