Weekly Linkages

Despite the ground invasion and airstrikes, does the Hamas tunnel network remain intact?

Here’s a VICE piece discussing the Kurdish fight against ISIS.

Also at VICE, Maxwell Barna talks about what law enforcement now see as the biggest terrorist threat to America.

Has Israel’s zero sum policy been an obstacle in achieving its strategic interests.

Marc Lynch demolishes the talking point of the arming of the FSA would have stopped ISIS.

Kenneth Roth, the President of HRC, discusses the deterioration of human rights in Egypt after the coup.

On a lighter note, a hawkish anti-Iranian group in the U.S. do not seem to understand Iran’s geography.


Ariane Tabatabai explains why the U.S. should not trust the MEK.

Earlier it was reported that an ally clan of Hamas had kidnapped the teens, something that I had repeated here. Now, a senior Hamas official has said that Hamas members were involved in the kidnapping, although they did not inform the leadership nor was it approved by the leadership.

Has Iraq’s natural resources been a detriment to the country’s political stability.

Finally, Daniel Markey talks about the effectiveness of street protests in Pakistan.




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