Weekly Linkages

Here’s a roundup of Brookings scholars on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Frederic Wehrey discusses the worsening political situation in Libya.

Vice covers a sectarian attack in central Afghanistan. Also, here’s a report on bandits in India’s rural areas. Finally, Vice discusses the racism present in Israel.

Jimmy Carter and Mary Robinson put forward a proposal on how to fix the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The rise of India’s blue water navy.

Jeffrey Goldberg talks about the what could happen if Hamas was able to do whatever it wanted. Peter Beinart examines why Americans have a hard time empathizing with the Palestinians.

Two articles from Sada: The first talks about the widening gaps in Lebanese society. The second discusses the success of the Islamists in Morocco.

From Political Violence @ Glance: Jeremy Pressman counters the notion that Israel lacks  a strategy. Page Fortna analyzes the prospects for a ceasefire in Gaza as well as look at the previous ceasefires.

Emdadul Haq critically examines whether the Bangladeshi government is constitutional.

The Dawn talks about the soft coup happening in Pakistan.

Huma Yusuf discusses the threat posed by LeT.

Aaron David Miller talks about why this Gaza war is different from the others.

Finally in the Dhaka Tribune, Julfikar Manik recounts her experience from watching a speech done by Malala Yousafzai.


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