Weekly Linkage

Hey guys, in this weeks linkage, with a special emphasis on the Indian elections:


Stephen Walt asks the question of have the Asian states involved in the ‘pivot’ are willing to balance against China or if they want to pass the buck onto the US.

Ira Trivedi asks if Modi can deliver more than economic growth.

Fareed Zakaria discusses U.S. policy towards India in the aftermath of Modi’s victory.

David Ignatius writes about the current state of the Middle East peace process.

David Rothkopf and Michael Oren (the former Israeli ambassador to the United States) have a discussion about the identity of Israel and its relationship with American Jews.

Here’s a round up of experts on their opinion of what Modi’s election means.

Was the outcome of India’s election as historic as most commentators think it is?

Marvin Weinbaum writes about Pakistan’s relationship with Iran and Saudi Arabia

On a random note, here’s an article talking about Indian gun laws.

Will there be rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran?

Malik Neal writes about peace and illiberal democracy in Sri Lanka.

Corri Zoli and Emily Schneider examines Pakistan’s constitution.

Badriah al-Bouchr writes a great denunciation of how groups like Boko Haram and ISIS do not represent Islam and the general problem with rigidity in a person’s belief. (Article translation from Al-Monitor).

A coup attempt in Tripoli.


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