Hello, hola, namaskar, and marhaba to Al Raiy. Our names are Hari Prasad and Yasir Kuoti. Yasir is currently a graduate student of international affairs at Marquette University focusing on Middle Eastern and Security politics. In the Fall of 2014, Hari Prasad will be starting his master’s program of international affairs at George Washington University with an interest in Middle East, South Asian, and Security politics. We are hoping with this blog to help highlight issues that are currently happening in the Middle East and South Asia, though we might talk about other parts of the world when necessary. We plan on going past the current discourse present on these topics to introduce a more analytic and personal approach to the problems and issues in these regions as well as to correct some of the misconceptions that exist in the media about these areas. 

Yasir, born and raised in Iraq, is a fluent speaker of both Iraqi and Modern Standard Arabic (as well as some Kurdish) who has also lived in several other Middle Eastern countries before moving to America. Hari is an American of Indian descent who has spent time in the Middle East, India, and a student of Arabic (and soon will begin Hindi lessons). We hope to bring sources from these regions to offer readers a better perspective of the events going on. We will also be sharing news, papers, books, and articles that we think are worth reading as they either provide a fine background to a specific topic in the region, or are just analytically well done. 

What does al raiy mean? Al raiy in arabic (الرأي) means opinion (in hindi, raya राय). 



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